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Mulberry Lizzie Tote Chocolate

Summer is vastly approaching us and I think when everyone thinks of it beaches, islands, getaways and the hot sun comes to people’s minds. I would say the most popular thing to do in the Summer is to visit the beach. I live in South Florida, 10 minutes from Miami to be exact, and all year long people flock here to visit the beach but especially during the Summer. The beach gets so packed that people are literally side by side to each other on the sand. Needless to say, I try to stay away from the beach but when I go I do like to look as fashionable as possible.

The Mulberry Lizzie Tote Chocolate is the perfect accessory to accompany you at the beach. It would look cuter if it was navy blue and white to go with the whole sailor theme but it’s pretty adorable. The rope gives it that boat feeling, all Mulberry bags needed was a tiny anchor hanging from it!

Mulberry Tote Bags are always worth a second look. This is because at the first sight, you may think these bags are quite common; but if you take the second look, you may certain that you have found something genius, such as this Mulberry Lizzie Tote Chocolate.

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